Monthly Archives: April 2016

Vodafone K5160 (Connect USB speed 6) Stick Review

After a long time, Vodafone introduced a new LTE Surfstick again since early 2016 in its product range: the K5160 or also called “Connect USB Speed ​​6“. However, the LTE-Advanced  is not supported. You can see more details specifications in below blank:     LTE features and characteristics of Vodafone K5160 Manufacturer and model Hauwei E3372s-153 Download […]

Huawei E5577 4G Mobile Hotspot Test

Today, we present you one of the smallest mobile hotspots from Bouygues Telecom, the Huawei E5577s–321, we will say E5577 instead in the article below.   The Huawei E5577 is a little smaller than its big brother the Huawei E5786 (4G+), a bit thicker than its little brother the Huawei E5372 (4G), the E5577 is distinguished by […]

Netgear AirCard 790s Mobile LTE Hotspot

Since early 2016, the Netgear AirCard 790 Mobile Hotspot with LTE Advanced Cat6 and large touch screen display is available in the market. The device is priced settled in direct comparison with the competitors of Huawei E5786 and Alcatel One Touch Y900. In LTE network, the router can reach up to 300 Mbit/s, the connection to […]

Samsung SM-V101F 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

Samsung is always known as the top vendors for mobile smartphones, even though it’s also very professional in networking solutions. Since the LTE is now the mainstream in the market, there is very few UE from Samsung. We had introduced the Samsung GT-B3730 and GT-B3740, but we had never introduced a 4G mobile hotspot. We […]

Huawei E5577 E5577C 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot Review

Following the Huawei E5 classic design, Huawei E5577 looks like the predecessor models such as E5776, E5372, E5377. The E5577 LTE MiFi is in white or black color. It’s now already available for many network providers in Asia and Europe. As the second generation of LTE category 4 mobile hotspot, we will have a look […]

Difference Between Huawei E5577 and E5573

Huawei E5 Mobile WiFi family have new members in the past year. Except the hot Huawei E5786 LTE Category 6 mobile hotspot, we also got the Huawei E5577 and E5573 4G LTE Category 4 mobile hotspot. You may feel puzzled about the name of the two mobile hotspot. They are too similar that we cannot […]

Difference Between Netgear Aircard AC790s and AC782S

Netgear Aircard 4G mobile hotspots are one series of most popular 4G pocket routers. From the gain of Sierra Wireless, Netgear followed the appearance of the aircards but improved much on the functions and performance. In the aircard family, there are Aircard AC754S, AC770S, AC771S, AC779S, AC778S, AC762S, AC760S, AC763S for LTE Category 3. Now […]