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Osprey 2 (Alcatel Y853) 4G Pocket Router Review

We had introduced the first generation Osprey MiFi last year and now the second generation comes out and it’s named EE Osprey II (or Osprey 2) Mini router. It’s customized by the network provider EE in UK. Also like Osprey MiFi, it’s also from the vendor Alcatel One Touch. The first Osprey MiFi comes from […]

ZyXEL WAH7706 LTE Cat6 Hotspot Review

ZyXEL offers the cheap LTE-Advanced Cat6 Hotspot WAH7706 in January 2016. You can get the small portable LTE router with replaceable battery, which can reach up to 300 Mbit/s download speed. Up to 32 devices can be connected via the integrated WLAN ac simultaneously with an internet connection. The ZyXEL WAH7706 is in direct competition with other […]

Huawei B315 LTE VS Huawei B593 Router

Huawei B315 is one of the new gadgets LTE expressed by this present year. It is a LTE CAT4 switch that is in a perfect world suited as a DSL supplanting with its four quick Gigabit LAN ports, a remote interface and a telephone port. Presently numerous online stores list the B315 switch as the […]

Samsung Galaxy A7 LTE Smartphone Review

At first glance, Samsung Galaxy A7 has aluminum body that is known only since the Galaxy Alpha and the A-series. The price of the 5.5-inch phone is moderate, the technology inside ranges between middle and upper class. All in all, Samsung Galaxy A7 could find its consumer base.   Features and characteristics of Samsung Galaxy A7 Manufacturer […]

4G LTE Operators and UEs for LTE Band 28 (700MHz)

LTE Band 28:   This band 28 is usually referred to as the 700 MHz band. FDD LTE Band 28 is paired to allow simultaneous transmission on two frequencies. The Uplink frequency is 703 – 748MHz and downlink frequency is 758 – 803MHz. The Width of the band is 45MHz, duplex spacing is 55MHz and band gap is 10MHz. […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 New Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in the colors black, white, silver and gold on the market and has a high-quality body made of glass and metal – good conditions for a bestseller. The Galaxy S7 smartphone was presented at the edge of the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona and features some improvements compared to its […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge New Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the premium version of Samsung Galaxy S7. The design is largely identical, but the display is slightly larger than the Galaxy S7 and at the sides with 5.5 inches, the display is very rounded, just as you would already know from the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Also the battery with 3600 […]

LG G5 New Flagship Smartphone

LG has presented the LG G5 as its new flagship smartphone at MWC 2016. The LG G5 has a body made of metal and two cameras on the back, the display is 5.5 inches in size and offers an always-on function. A special feature is the removable battery, which is now only available in very few smartphones. The […]

Netgear Mobile 4G LTE Hotspots

Netgear has now attained a permanent place among the manufacturers of mobile LTE hotspots after purchasing the terminal division of Sierra Wireless. Currently there are three MiFi routers from American manufacturers: the models AirCard 785s, 790S and 810S. The three devices have different good performance and are available now different network providers worldwide. At the MWC 2016 in […]