Monthly Archives: October 2015

Huawei E5770 LTE Mobile WiFi Pro

A fast LTE modem, a powerful battery and many connection possibilities: these are the highlights of the Huawei E5770 Mobile WiFi Pro LTE router. The small mobile wireless hotspot was presented to the market in the summer of 2015. The E5770 comes with a RJ45 LAN port and a full-fledged USB 2.0 port.     […]

Huawei B315 4G LTE Router

Since the summer of 2015, a new LTE router Huawei B315 for speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s download is available. As the device also provides four fast Gigabit LAN ports, a wireless interface and a phone interface, it is ideally suited as a DSL replacement. The Huawei B315 router can also be used with UMTS and […]

1 & 1 Mobile WLAN LTE Stick- ZTE MF79

1 & 1 has a new LTE-Stick on sale, it’s based on the model ZTE MF79 and it provides wireless networks for laptops and tablets, regardless of an Internet or public WLAN. The Mobile Wireless LTE Stick ZTE MF79 can provide as a hotspot for up to ten devices.   LTE features and specifications of ZTE […]

Telekom Speedstick V LTE Stick Review

The German network carrier Telekom offers the Speed Stick V now, it’s the 5th version of the stick-series. The new model is distinguished by a number of improvements. This is much anticipated – it is a worthy successor of the Speed Stick III. We will show what the device can do and what advantages it offers compared to […]

ZTE MF283 4G LTE Router Review

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE has launched with the a new LTE router MF283 on the market, which supports LTE Category 4 and allows speeds of up to 150 MBit/s in the downlink and up to 50 Mbit/s in the uplink. Terminals could be connected with ZTE MF283 either through wired LAN interfaces or wirelessly via WLAN. The […]

1 & 1 LTE Mobile Stick – ZTE MF823

Since summer of 2014, 1&1 also has its tariffs for mobile surfing via LTE. The basis for this is a more compatible LTE surf stick. The model number is ZTE MF823. This can be ordered as an option to new contracts. We show the features and specifications about 1 & 1 LTE Stick. LTE Feature and Specifications of […]

Speedbox mini II Router – Huawei E5786

The Speedbox LTE mini II is a new portable router for Germany Telekom, which has great improvement from its predecessor especially at speed. Because the new router is based on LTE CAT6. This compact device can be used both for home use, as well as for the road. Here are the technical data at a glance.   […]

Telekom Speedbox III LTE Router – Huawei E5186

The Speedbox LTE III is a new wireless router for Telekom, which could support for LTE Advanced. The device is intended for home use and provides the terminals via WLAN or LAN with high-speed internet. Based on LTE CAT6 technology, a speed of up to 300 Mbit/s is possible. There is an overview of the technical data of […]

TP-Link M7350 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

The Chinese network specialist TP-Link presented a new model M7350 as new mobile hotspot with wireless support for up to 15 devices in the program. The router adopts LTE Cat4 and shows all the necessary information on its display. The TP-link M7350 is portable enough to take on the road to provide fast Internet reception.     […]