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E5151 Unlocked|E5151 HUAWEI| HUAWEI E5151 Reviews & specs|HUAWEI E5151 Pocket Wi-Fi Router

See on – 4G LTE Mobile Broadband HUAWEI E5151 3G 21Mpbs Mobile WiFi Router is a latest high-speed portable 3G Wireless Router.It’s the first WAN LAN WiFi Mobile WiFi Router from HUAWEI, and its peak speed at 21Mbps download speed, supporting 5 users to share WiFi network. Allen Jeffson‘s insight: HUAWEI E5151 3G 21Mpbs […]

NetComm 4G100W Unlocked | NetComm 4G100W Reviews & Specs | Buy NetComm 4G100W 4G Router

See on – 4G LTE Mobile Broadband NetComm Wireless LTE WiFi Router 4G100W is a new indurstiral 4G LTE Router, which could Share a 300Mbps WiFi network connection between up to 16 bandwidth-intensive devices while seamlessly connecting 3 wired devices via the Ethernet ports.   Allen Jeffson‘s insight: NetComm Wireless LTE WiFi Router 4G100W […]

Should You Buy Huawei B683 or Huawei B593?

These days, we found some customers are in trouble of how to Choose the wireless router between Huawei B683 and B593? Frankly speaking, it’s a good question for those users who are committed to Huawei brand. Based on reliable quality and performance in network connection, Huawei routers had crashed to CISCO   WLAN routers to some […]

Vodafone HSPA+ 3G 4G USB Surf Stick

As the world’s top network provider, Vodafone is always leading the new trend in the telecom industry and Vodafone usually let his customer first to enjoy new experience and new technology from the surfing.   Vodafone USB Sticks are well known all over the world and since unlocked sticks are not limited to Vodafone network, […]

Vodafone K4510 and K4511 USB Surf stick General Review

As the top network provider, Vodafone had released a serial of USB surf stick for its customer and to meet various demands from customers located in different areas. Sometimes, one Vodafone USB surf stick may has two or more variants. Today,we will have a simple review of Vodafone K4510 and K4511 Internet stick. Following Vodafone […]

Top 9 Most Popular 42mbps DC-HSPA+ USB Modem & Surfsticks

As the prospective 4G technology features, if a USB modem or Wireless dongle could support HSPA+ 42mbps download speed, some people call them 4G stick or 4G modems. Since their speed is even double from their predecessor, and user may feel better psychologically when they say they use 4G modems, not 3G surf sticks. Actually, […]

Vodfaone K4505 Unlocked| HUAWEI K4505 Reviews & specs|Buy Vodafone K4505 3G 21M USB modem

See on – 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Vodafone K4505 HSPA+ 21Mbps 3G USB Surfstick is one of the hot unlocked HUAWEI 3G Wireless USB modems, which allows users to download at 21Mbps and upload up to 5.76Mbps. The upgraded Vodafone K4605 3G Surfstick supports 42Mbps download speed. Allen Jeffson‘s insight: Vodafone K4505 HSPA+ 21Mbps […]

MF23 ZTE | ZTE MF23 Reviews & Specs|Buy ZTE MF23 3G Wireless Router

See on – 4G LTE Mobile Broadband ZTE MF23 3G Wireless Home Router is the new home router from ZTE to work with 3.5G mobile network. ZTE MF23 supports HSDPA peak speed at 7.2Mbps. Allen Jeffson‘s insight: ZTE MF23 3G Wireless Home Router is one of the new home router from ZTE to work […]

HUAWEI B683|28Mbps 3G Router| HUAWEI B683 Reviews & specs|Buy HUAWEI B683 Router

See on – 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Huawei B683 3G UMTS HSPA+ 28.8mbit/s Wireless Router is the successor of the Huawei B970b HSDPA 3G WiFi Router. In contrast to HUAWEI B970B Wireless Router, HUAWEI B683 3G Router supports HSPA+ speed up to 28.8Mbps. Allen Jeffson‘s insight: HUAWEI B683 3G UMTS HSPA+ 28.8Mbps WiFi Router is […]

ZTE MF23 3G Wireless WLAN Router General Review and Specs

As the follower of HUAWEI, ZTE usually released its wireless products after HUAWEI and sometime, they may look the same. Today, we would like to introduce one Wireless Router from ZTE named ZTE MF23.   Perhaps ZTE didn’t launch much investment and development in stationary 3G WiFi Router, there are few model of 3G Routers […]