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Test Report for 4G LTE Modem HUAWEI E398

LTE mobile internet service appeared in the Plus in November 2011. The operator praises its offer as “the fastest mobile Internet in the world”. Check it out in a test that we conducted in Warsaw in several locations. Before we get into the performance tests, there are a few words about the technology LTE. LTE or Long Term […]

How to Choose a 4G LTE USB Modem

More and more advertisements are introducing 4G to people, declaring a new era is coming. As a consumer, perhaps you may not concern what’s 4G or what is LTE, the top thing you want to know is what I can benefit from 4G. Great, that’s the key point. What can we benefit from 4G? To […]

4G LTE Frequencies of HUAWEI E392 (E392U-x) 4G USB Modem

Since HUAWEI released its series of 4G USB modems, here now we could see many model in service in different regions or areas.  Like HUAWEI E398 4G Modem, HUAWEI E392 4G LTE Modem is also make users feel puzzled, because there are so many model number of HUAWEI E392, such as HUAWEI E392u-1, HUAWEI E392u-2, […]