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Will you choose HUAWEI E5756 or HUAWEI E5151 for Mobile WiFi?

Around the end of 2012, HUAWEI released two new 3G HSPA+ Mobile WiFi Hotspot, someone may ask, why not 4G LTE HUAWEI E5776 or HUAWEI E589? Yes, the two 4G LTE Pocket WiFi are definitely hot with fast development of 4G networks. Today, we will not talk about the 4G mobile hotspot because for most […]

4G LTE Router

An LTE Router is technically a wireless modem, so a small transmitting and receiving station, which is designed for the LTE wireless data technology.   Unlike the USB Stick, which can only have one device connected to the high speed data radio network, the router uses several computers simultaneously. LTE Router is in two versions, most of […]

How Can We Benefit from 4G LTE Network?

Firstly, LTE provides average download (30 Megabits) and peak (100 Megabits) speeds, which are much higher than the current ones. Also, a substantial increase in the speed of ascent (50 Megabits), so important especially for customers of the business segments, and for all information related to the use of cloud computing. And let us not forget […]

Mobile 3G hotspot allows you to upload pictures from your camera

We call this new workflow live image transmission (LIT). Wherever a telecom provider offers at least UMTS data transmission, image data may be sent quickly, easily and, as it were, “live” to the editorial office via FTP. A big plus for this image transfer alternative, which has been subject to testing under real conditions for […]

That’s Live Image Transmission!

The data-connection to the Internet succeeds with this WLAN-UMTS solution utilizing network protocols and  wireless cell phone data transmission. The WFT-transmitter first creates a normal WLAN connection with the mobile hotspot. To meet this solution, recommends the Huawei E583C mobile hotspot: Powered by a 4-hour rechargeable battery, this shiny box with a gold sheen […]