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TDD Band 40 (2300MHz) and LTE UEs for Band 40

The 2300MHz band has already been defined as a 3GPP eUTRAN band (band 40) based on a Time Division Duplex (TDD) scheme. First significant rollouts have already started in India (Bharti Airtel operator) and in Saudi Arabia (STC operator), with several others following by 2013. According to the Global Suppliers Association (GSA), 43 commercial devices […]

HUAWEI AF23 4G LTE Sharing Router Review

After long time waiting, finally we get the Huawei AF23 LTE sharing dock today. Many clusters are eagerly looking forward to getting the New LTE sharing dock. Let’s have a review for this AF23 LTE Sharing router.     Like other Huawei 4G modems, Huawei AF23 is in original new box. There is plastic cover […]

HUAWEI New LTE Cat 4 MBBs on MWC 2013

Communication Reuters (CWW) February 27, held in Barcelona, Spain, 2013 Mobile World Congress MWC, Huawei exhibited the full range the LTE Cat4 data terminal containing:   The world’s first LTE Cat4 Wingle Wi-Fi dongle E8278 The 5G compact exquisite design LTE Cat4 mobile hotspot E5372, The Stylish homeb broadband of LTE Cat4 Speed Cube E5170, […]

4G LTE Router

An LTE Router is technically a wireless modem, so a small transmitting and receiving station, which is designed for the LTE wireless data technology.   Unlike the USB Stick, which can only have one device connected to the high speed data radio network, the router uses several computers simultaneously. LTE Router is in two versions, most of […]

LTE Surf Sticks

LTE Sticks are technically radio modems, meaning little combined transmitting and receiving equipment, which operate on different frequencies. They can be connected via the USB ports to virtually any device such as a larger netbook, laptop or home PC. The sticks are in demand, such as to use abroad, or a change to a new […]

How Can We Benefit from 4G LTE Network?

Firstly, LTE provides average download (30 Megabits) and peak (100 Megabits) speeds, which are much higher than the current ones. Also, a substantial increase in the speed of ascent (50 Megabits), so important especially for customers of the business segments, and for all information related to the use of cloud computing. And let us not forget […]

LTE Tips for Beginners

LTE is a new technology that allows you to enjoy very high speed of sending and receiving data wirelessly. To receive LTE via a laptop, a tablet or PC at home, you need a separate receiver, called a radio modem. This can be a LTE surf stick, a LTE Router or be a different modem. […]