Monthly Archives: December 2015

ZTE Flare 4G LTE Cat6 Mobile Hotspot

The Chinese producer “ZTE” has announced a new hotspot routers at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, which is to support LTE-Advanced with up to 300 MBit/s for the first time.¬†The device name is ZTE flare and is equipped with the latest wireless technology.¬†Below are the more key data about wireless hotspot. LTE features and characteristics […]

Vodafone B4000 4G LTE Wireless Router Review

Vodafone will begin with LTE-Advanced and already announced a matching router B4000 at Cebit that should dominate the improved LTE technology for the first time. With the new model B4000,  user could achieve the fastest possible speed on LTE-Advanced network. Below you can learn all about the key data for the new top model.       […]

Vodafone B3000 4G LTE Wireless Router

With the B3000 router, Vodafone has the new LTE router which would replace the predecessor B2000 and B1000. Of course, the new router Vodafone B3000 has upgraded technical specifications and some new features for the ongoing LTE network modernization. Find out here what the LTE router excels and where are differences from the B2000.       […]

ZTE MF282 3HuiTube LTE Router from 3 Austria

HuiTube, which is a pretty unusual name for an LTE router. But it is the latest router model of 3 Austria, which is already on sale. The 3HuiTube has a imposing Video advertised and was presented as the continuous model from 3WebGate 3 and 3WebCube 3. The 3HuiTube comes form the Chinese manufactuer ZTE, the model number is ZTE MF282.   Based […]