HUAWEI B681 Flybox 3G Wireless Router | Flybox B681 Router | Buy HUAWEI B681 3G Router

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Check HUAWEI B681 Flybox 3G Router images, appearance, specifications, data rate speed, price and applications, review B681 Flybox WiFi router functions and buy HUAWEI B683 3G Wireless router

Allen Jeffson‘s insight:

HUAWEI B681 3G Router is the predcessor of HUAWEI B683 Wireless Router. There are many variant models for HUAWEI B681, such as HUAWEI B681-44, HUAWEI B681-20, HUAWEI B681-24, HUAWEI B681-54 etc..The B681 Router could support download speed up to 21Mpbs and upload speed to 5.76Mbps. There are two RJ45 ports allowing two computers to connect simultaneously via Ethernet cable. And One RJ11 is for WLAN cable.

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