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Novatel MiFi 3352 HSPA 3G Mobilni WiFi Hotspot is the new Mobile 3G hotspot for outdoor and businessmen. This portable 3G router could support 5 users to share network and working 4 hours contineously.

Allen Jeffson‘s insight:

Novatel Wireless MiFi 3352 Mobile Hot Spot is a brilliant example of a new generation of devices for fast internet access. pocket-sized device combines high-speed HSPA mobile modem and 802.11g wireless WiFi access point . It represents a very interesting alternative to traditional wired connection to the Internet, it gives users the option of sharing a simple quick mobile 3G connection. On the Hot Spot Internet and consequently, it can be connected in parallel up to 5 WiFi wireless clients (laptops, smart phones, tablet computers, printers, cameras …), completely independent of location.

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