HUAWEI UML397 4G LTE USB Modem | US Cellular UML397 Unlockef | Buy HUAWEI UML397 4G Modem

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Check HUAWEI UML397 (Unlocked US Cellular UML397 4G Datacard) images, appearance, specifications, data rate speed, chipset, price and applications, review US Cellular UML397 USB Dongle functions and buy HUAWEI UML397 4G Datacard.

Allen Jeffson‘s insight:

HUAWEI UML397 4G LTE USB Modem is a new LTE Dongle for North America. UML397 4G Modem looks the same asHUAWEI E397 4G Datacard, but there are some difference between the brach models of E397. HUAWEI UML397 is for US Cellular 4G LTE, 3G CDMA and 2G networks. There are 2 color LED indicator for working status and external antenna interface.

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