Band 4 AWS(1700/2100MHz) – Operators and UEs

Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100MHz) is used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile. It replaces some of the spectrum formerly allocated to Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Service (MMDS), sometimes referred to as Wireless Cable, which existed from 2150 to 2162 MHz. The AWS band uses microwave frequencies in two segments: from 1710 to 1755 MHz for uplink, and from 2110 to 2155 MHz for downlink. The service is intended to be used by mobile devices such as wireless phones for mobile data, video, and messaging services.

Now, AWS has become “an essential LTE band for LTE roaming support in North America and Latin America, advancing AWS as a solid candidate for one of the essential seven or eight LTE bands deemed critical for global roaming LTE devices and services,” said the Current Analysis report.

List of countries / operators with LTE AWS networks or plans:  


1.      Argentina

2.      Canada , Bell , 2012.10

3.      Canada , Rogers , 2012.10

4.      Canada , Telus  , 2012.10

5.      Chili

6.      Colombia

7.      Mexico, Telcel, 2012.11

8.      Peru

9.      Uruguay

10.   USA, AT&T , 2012.10

11.   USA, MetroPCS (USA)

12.   USA, T-Mobile (USA)

13.   USA, Verizon Wireless (USA)      


Below is the list UEs for 4G LTE FDD Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100MHz)    


1.      Apple iPhone 5 A1428, 2012.09

2.      HTC One XL, 2012.08

3.      HTC Windows Phone 8, 2012.10

4.      Motorola Droid Razr HD, 2012.09

5.      Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD, 2012.09

6.      Nokia Lumia 920.2, 2012.09

7.      Pantech Flex, 2012.09

8.      ZTE Anthem 4G, 2012.09      


Fixed Routers  

1.      Netgear MBR1516, b4, 2012.10

2.      ZyXEL LTE5121, b4, b17, 2012.09      



USB dongles/Modems/Surfstick  

  1. 4G LTE Novatel Wireless U679 Turbo Stick / Ovation MC679
  2. HUAWEI E397bu-501
  3. Sierra Wireless Aircard 330U
  4. Sierra Wireless Aircard 313U
  5. LG Adrenaline AD600 4G Modem
  6. BandLuxe C505 4G USB modem


  1. Apple iPad mini (GSM, b4/17), 2012.10



1.      Novatel E371,  b17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10

2.      Sierra Wireless EM7700, b17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10

3.      Sierra Wireless MC7700, b17 700 / b4 AWS, approved f.e. by AT&T 2012.10      



MiFi Hotspot/Mobile 4G Router    

  1. T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE, 2013.03
  2. Sierra Wireless 754S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
  3. Sierra Wireless 770s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
  4. Sierra Wireless 763s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
  5. Bandluxe PR55 4G Pocket Router



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