ZTE MF70 3G Mobile Wireless WiFi Modem Router General Review

Indonesia ZTE launches ZTE MF70 3G Mobile WiFi Modem Router months ago. This device is 2 in 1 dongle that combines the functions of USB modem and WiFi Router concurrently to a MiFi 3G model (mini WiFi) router.
“Dongle brings functionality MiFi 3G modem and router in one device, in addition, ZTE MF70 modem router also offers speeds up to 21.6 Mbps,” said Director of Devices Division Susanto Susilo, this should be the key features of ZTE MF70 3G WiFi Modem.
With a fast cruise speed to surf internet, ZTE MF70 can be operated as a WiFi Router access Point once and can support up to 10 wireless devices. Users who get connected can access and save files from and to the memory card contained in the dongle. The connected group could share the files from ZTE MF70 freely.
Besides carrying convenience features and the flexibility to access up to 10 devices, ZTE MF70 can also be used easily. Where, users can simply plug MF70 into the USB port of such as computers, power bank / portable charger with a standard USB connector. Which means once ZTE MF70 get power supply, even not with a PC, it will auto work easily.
This device is the most practical to use when meeting or presentation in a location where internet access is not available. In fact, the mobile dongle ZTE MF70 can be used in the car, just plug it to your car plug charge, then MF70 get power supply and work as a wifi router. All the users in the car could get network support to surf, email, online chat, play games or watch online movie etc..
Actually, ZTE MF70 3G WiFi modem seems to follow the step of its competitor HUAWEI. HUAWEI E355 3G WiFi Modem Router has almost completely the same functions as ZTE MF70. But with design and mature technology, it seems HUAWEI E355 WiFi modem looks much cooler than ZTE MF70.
What’s more, HUAWEI devices usually have stable performance than ZTE gadgets. With better performance, its price is somewhat higher than ZTE MF70. So if you want acceptable model with cheaper price, ZTE MF70 WiFi modem router should be a good option.
If you want to buy it, welcome to buy it from www.4gltemall.com .

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