LTE Tips for Beginners

LTE is a new technology that allows you to enjoy very high speed of sending and receiving data wirelessly. To receive LTE via a laptop, a tablet or PC at home, you need a separate receiver, called a radio modem.

This can be a LTE surf stick, a LTE Router or be a different modem. In some tablets, LTE Modems are already built into the units. In most of countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway, LTE is not yet used for phone calls, but only for a fast Internet connection. Telephoning with LTE is technically possible now. It will work as telephone calls over the internet, in technical English Voice over IP or VoIP for short call.

LTE Brings Benefits to You

First, if you live in the countryside and currently do not have fast internet connection via a cable—television cable or DSL, then LTE are the best solution for you. However, the price-performance ratio is not as good as a DSL connection. On the other hand, if you live really far out, then to rent will cost very likely much less.

If you live in a big city and you regularly need large amounts of data of both send and receive, then LTE is a good idea. In comparison with current DSL connection, the LTE speed is the the fastest mobile technology available and much faster than DSL. If you ever, for example, as a press photographer sent photos, which can need a such connection.

Finally, due to low response time of the network, colloquially called ping, LTE is a good solution for some special functions: video telephony or online games work with this data radio technology very well.

Purchase of LTE-Enabled Devices

Currently, the LTE tariffs are offered with devices that LTE Mobile operators selling bundled with the tariff for almost all the network providers. provides unlocked LTE-enabled gadgets to help users freely choose the operators they want and no contract, no tariff.

If you don’t know how to choose, you can check our previous blog how to choose a 4G LTE USB Modem.

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