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4G Broadband for 4G LTE Band 3 (1800Mhz)—Most Commonly Commercial LTE Spectrum

According to the most recent report of LTE network status from GSA, total 42 operators over the world had commercially launched LTE 1800Mhz as their next generation LTE network spectrum. Some of them may set this single band or as a part of multiple band deployment. In the total 113 commercial LTE networks, the band […]

ZTE MF91 4G 100Mbps Mobile Pocket WiFi Router Spec and Reviews

ZTE MF91 4G 100Mbps Mobile Pocket WiFi Router Spec and Reviews.

How to Choose a 4G LTE USB Modem

More and more advertisements are introducing 4G to people, declaring a new era is coming. As a consumer, perhaps you may not concern what’s 4G or what is LTE, the top thing you want to know is what I can benefit from 4G. Great, that’s the key point. What can we benefit from 4G? To […]

4GLTEMall’s photostream

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How to make a 4G USB Modem work as a 4G WiFi Router

Since 4G LTE network is rolling out all over the world, more and more users prefer to choose 4G USB Modem rather than 3G USB Modem to surf internet with wireless connection. It’s no doubt that 4G speed via 4G USB modem is much faster than 3G USB modem, but the premise is that the […]

ZTE MF91 4G 100Mbps Mobile Pocket WiFi Router Spec and Reviews

As the top telecom equipment supplier in China, ZTE is leading the 4G LTE technology. And we are glad to see ZTE release one new 4G LTE Router, in real, it’s a mobile pocket WiFi Router. The model Number is ZTE MF91. It’s attractive at the first glance.  We can’t wait to know more about […]

Home Broadband Huawei B183 Webcube 3G WiFi Router Spec and Review

HUAWEI released a new broadband for 3G network, the model number is B183. Different from previous model and not like the common broadband, it looks like a humidifier, so if you look at it suddenly, you may consider it’s a home electronic, not a networking router. HUAWEI B183 Webcube home broadband is actually a 3G […]