How to make a 4G USB Modem work as a 4G WiFi Router

Since 4G LTE network is rolling out all over the world, more and more users prefer to choose 4G USB Modem rather than 3G USB Modem to surf internet with wireless connection. It’s no doubt that 4G speed via 4G USB modem is much faster than 3G USB modem, but the premise is that the 4G signal coverage is fulfilled. Today, we don’t talk about this, we are concerning the users who had a 4G USB modem, but want it to support multiple WiFi devices to share 4G speed, not just one terminal.

In 3G era, there are many suppliers of 3G USB Modems all over the world, they produced much more USB modems to meet the great demand of the market. But very few suppliers had a good solution for a USB modem to a WiFi Router.

As we know, HUAWEI & ZTE, the top two telecom vendors in China had released two models to meet this demand. The model numbers are HUAWEI D100 (T-mobile version is D100T) and ZTE MF10. We could call them USB Router or Modem Router because there is just a USB slot to connect USB 2.0 Interface. They must work together with a USB modem, then it becomes a WiFi Router. Without USB modem, there is no data transmission. And their data link speed depends on the USB modem. They support the maximum speed the modem can fulfill.

They could work well with compatible 3G USB Modems and data transfer without any problem. But now the 4G Era comes, how to let the USB Modem have best performance as a 4G WiFi Router?

After investigation, we found there is one new USB Router, it comes from HUAWEI and model number is HUAWEI AF23 LTE Sharing Dock. It’s the latest modem router to support 4G USB modem. Now you can check the general image of HUAWEI AF23. It follows the typical design of HUAWEI D100, but the USB port and Ethernet port have been adjusted. The USB port is now on the face above, and the Ethernet port is at the side. The USB port is for 4G USB Modem. Somebody may ask, can I use my 3G USB Modem, the answer is yes, it supports 3G & 4G USB modem, so we also could call it 3G 4G Modem Router.

And there may be question about Ethernet port, is it for data output? Actually, this port is to connect network cable to input data, and then AF23 transfer it to WiFi. In this mode, AF23 becomes a WiFi router.

What’s more, HUAWEI AF23 could work as a WiFi repeater, which help to enhance the WiFi signal of already working 3G or 4G router. To know more about the HUAWEI AF23 Sharing dock, please check below the specifications and application in PDF.

HUAWEI AF23 4G Modem Router LTE Sharing Dock Specifications and Applications

In conclusion, HUAWEI AF23 4G Modem Router is a great router that meet many network solution for users . With slim size, it’s easy to take in pocket, it’s worthy to have one.


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