Home Broadband Huawei B183 Webcube 3G WiFi Router Spec and Review

HUAWEI released a new broadband for 3G network, the model number is B183. Different from previous model and not like the common broadband, it looks like a humidifier, so if you look at it suddenly, you may consider it’s a home electronic, not a networking router.

HUAWEI B183 Webcube home broadband is actually a 3G Wireless WiFi Router for home use. There is no inserted battery in the device, so if you want to use it, there must be continuous power supply.


The characteristics of HUAWEI Webcube B183:

  • Home Broadband fixed line without the phone
  • HSDPA – 40% faster with HSPA+ technology
  • HSPA + (HSDPA up to 21.6 Mb / s * and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mb / s *)
  • WLAN 802.11 b / g / n
  • Wireless Hotspot
  • only works on WCDMA network
  • attractive design
  • SMS
  • connector for external antenna
  • You will be Joining the fastest growing Network around you
  • Dimensions: 100 x 95 x 100mm

HUAWEI B183  provides theoretical data rates up to 21.6 Mb / s downstream to the user (HSDPA) and up to 5.76 Mb / s upstream (HSUPA). Actual achieved speeds are less than the theoretical, depending on the quality of the radio signal, connections and devices.

When it’s working, there is blue light shining, looks very cool:

Below is the specifications for HUAWEI B183:

HUAWEI B183 Webcube home broadband Specifications pdf


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