LTE SurfStick Samsung GT-B3740 4G LTE Modem

 Samsung GT-B3740 LTE Stick (Vodafone Logo) is a very interesting 4G LTE Surfstick for the new LTE networks and is now spreading quite far.

In practice, its operation in this connection are increasingly on questions about handling and the basic functions that we gather here and want the same answer:

One of the most common questions is whether the modem can be used without SIM card. This does not, of course.

Also, the modem can not be used with other types of SIM cards. Always the card must be used, which is one of the service provider. Another SIM card in it can not be operated. It can still happen that a 4G connection is slow, even if this is LTE.

Sometimes the specifications of LTE sticks, also play a role. But it is, inter alia, to a common data service. If multiple users in a particular area use the service, then it can have a negative impact on the speed. A modem may lose its connection to the Internet. For the solution could be from the modem and reconnected.

Using a different USB port might help as well. At the same time LTE Stick is compatible with different operating systems. This is supported by Windows XP, to Vista and Windows 7 With a Mac system the stick is also compatible.

If the program has disappeared during the service at once, so it was sometimes reduced or immediately closed. The taskbar is still the symbol of the connection manager to see, so that the program can be re-opened. Double-clicking on it, it starts again.


To know more details of SAMSUNG 4G LTE Surfstick GT-B3740, Welcome to click here.

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